For more than 50 years, northern Lake County has advanced healthcare for all of its residents through the work of what is now the North Lake County Hospital District. Hear what local leaders think about the role of the District in providing health care for our community.

Jon Cherry

Jon Cherry is President and CEO of Lifestream Behavioral Center which provides a wide range of mental health services. Approximately 75,000 Lake County residents are in need of services and the North Lake County Hospital District helps support those services for those who cannot afford them.

Carol Millwater

We Care of Lake County Executive Director Carol Millwater explains how  the organization expands and augments the care funded by the North Lake County Hospital District by coordinating volunteer medical specialists to provide skilled care to the uninsured.

Kasey Kesselring

Dr. Kasey Kesselring is Chair of the Lake 100,  a community advocacy organizaiton comprised of more than 50 local CEOs, Presidents and foundres of local companies. He is also headmaster and CEO of the Montverde Academy. In this editorial, Dr. Kesselring explains why the Lake 100 supports the North Lake County Hospital District.