Healthy Lake County has launched a new website to help educate the community about healthcare in Lake County. It focuses on the work supported by the North Lake County Hospital District, which funds care for District residents who don’t have access to health  insurance. District funds collected through an ad valorem assessment on commercial and residential property support care for District residents who can’t afford it, including five community clinics that meet medical, dental and mental health needs.

” Our health clinics are a community asset,” said Twyine Littllejohn, who was treated through the clinics. “I don’t know where I would be without them. I never thought I would find myself without healthcare coverage because I did everything right. I had a good job with insurance, but in one unscripted moment, I lost both.

“There are so many people in our community who have experienced the same thing. We are all grateful for our community clinics. They also help keep our local hospitals from being overwhelmed with minor health issues.”

Costly emergency room care is often the only option for the uninsured when they encounter a medical crisis. One goal of the District is to lower the overall cost of healthcare for all District residents by providing more efficient alternatives to ER visits.

For more about the North Lake County Hospital District, visit

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